Young moose chasing a golfer off the course is the funniest thing you will watch today

Written by Neha Monga
July 04, 2017  

A hilarious video of a young moose chasing a Sweden golfer while his friends watch on has gone viral. The video posted on Facebook by Tony Swahn captioned “drama on the golf course” shows his friend Christer Sjogren trying to keep his distance from the moose. Mr.Sjogren first tries to hide behind the tree hoping the moose would get distracted and move away, however moments later the moose starts chasing Mr.Sjogren as he runs around the tree to escape the moose.

Not able to escape the moose, Mr.Sjogren starts running towards his friends who are still laughing and filming the video. However when the moose closes in on Mr.Sjogren, his golfer friends make loud noises and scare the moose away.

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The moose after wandering around briefly disappears into the woods near the Golf Club.

Watch the video here:


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