August 08, 2017

World’s top influential people if were supposed to endorse products.

by Prince Chandran

We see a lot of endorsements in our every day life but did you ever think a bit differently, like have you ever thought which products will be best endorsed by the Top Influential People.

Here take a look.

So The First on the list is    
Queen Elizabeth II – Tanishq Diamonds

With the richness they have and the royal blood running in their veins the very perfect product which she can endorse is for Tanishq diamonds, She would be the best option after Deepika Padukone who is currently endorsing it. ,And we also know that Queen is very fond of Diamonds.

 Shashi Tharoor – Spoken English

There is no such product he can endorse but he has a best job for a Spoken English school because of the words he uses which nobody has heard it before.

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Rahul Ghandhi – Chota Bheem

He can be the Brand ambassador of Chota Bheem ,because that is how he is, always funny . And due to lot of blunders which he makes in parliament everybody calls him Pappu. Pappu speeches are something which you need to hear.

    Rahul Ghandhi and Chota Bheem
Trump – L’Oréal

Trump can endorse a lot of products but the one which suits him the most is L’Oréal because he is worth it ,for that kind of a hair. The Golden hair.

trump-funny-hair Meme
Lalu Prasad Yadav – Vimal Pan Masala

The best he can endorse is Vimal Pan Masala. That suited him the best.

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      Lalu at election rally    
Manmohan Singh – Center Fresh

The perfect product which manmohan singh can endorse is Centre Fresh – Zubaan pe laga Lagaam , because we never saw him speak anything when he was the PM, somebody else did the talking.

    Manmohan Singh Funny Meme    
Putin – Sauna Slim Belt

The Russian President has a very well toned body and he always seems fit , The best product for him to endorse is the Sauna Slim Belt , I bet anybody wouldn’t say no if he is doing it. He is one badass President.

    President Putin Fishing  
Kim Jong un – Set Wet Hair Gel

His perfect brand would be Set Wet hair gel,Just look at his hair. No nuclear bomb will ever effect his hair. Sada Sexy Raho 🙂

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Kim Jong Un Perfect hair  
Sonia Gandhi – Tide Detergent

Sonia Gandhi would be the best ambassador for this detergent company,you always see Sonia Gandhi in the best white sarees. Only thing is a little bit change in the tag line “Tide hai to white hai” In Sonia Gandhi’s case it would be ‘Black’.

Sonia_Gandhi in white saree  

And finally

Pm Narender Modi – Manyavar

As his best friend Trump there are many things which he can also endorse like an airlines etc and the best which suits him is Manyavar – Pehno Apni Pehchaan , The Tagline line is also Apt.

narendra-modi-kurtas Designs    


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