Women travel overseas for plastic surgery, stopped from travelling back home

Written by Neha Monga
October 10, 2017  

Three Chinese women who visited South Korea to undergo plastic surgery were allegedly stuck in a South Korean airport because their post-surgery faces looked nothing like their passport photos.

The three unidentified women flew last week to South Korea during China’s Golden Week, which is a national holiday there.

But when the trio arrived at the unnamed airport for the return trip — covered head to chin in bandages with severely swollen faces — the women were detained and questioned by the immigration officers at passport control as they didn’t believe them when they tried to prove their identity, despite displaying their tickets and various documents.

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It was unclear how long the women were detained at the airport and whether they had returned to their home country on Monday.

The photo of travellers has gathered over 66,000 ‘likes’ and has been shared over 27,800 times. It has also received 37,860 comments.

South Korea has become a popular destination for inexpensive plastic surgeries especially amongst Chinese and Japanese women looking to go under the knife. The surgeries come with complete travel packages that include cosmetic treatments followed by safari trips in Africa, where people can heal — well if they make it past the immigration officials.


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