A Woman Who Snoozed Away In The Middle Of The Orchestra, Wakes Up Hilariously.

Written by Prince Chandran
November 28, 2017  

Here is why you should never sleep in between a orchestra.

Some music lovers are always fascinated by the orchestra, they enjoy each note of it and there are some who just are bored and take a little nap.




If you’re in the latter camp, let this clip from California’s North State Symphony Orchestra be a warning.

A woman apparently dozed of in between the performance of  “The Firebird” by by Igor Stravinsky.

‘Da dum Tuss’ came the crash of the drum, the woman wakes up with a scream.

Much of the audience laughed, and even music director Scott Seaton smiled and snuck a quick look over his shoulder as he conducted the orchestra.

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“Yes, Stravinsky can still be a surprise over a century later!” he later tweeted.





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