WIngsuit Pilot Tears Through A Giant Piece Of Paper At 155 Mph.

Written by Prince Chandran
November 13, 2017  

Wingsuit pilot Anton Andersson nicknamed ‘Squeezer’  lived upto his nick name with his latest stunt.


The 23 year old adrenaline junkie jumped from a top of a mountain in  Switzerland at 155 mph to squeeze himself between two people and tear apart a huge sheet of paper almost 2 meters wide.

And he was successful in doing that. He couldn’t believe and mentioned this sensation as unreal.



“The speed and proximity to the ground made it feel so fast that it’s overwhelming, It’s also a huge accomplishment to see how precise I could be.” Anton Andersson said.

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When he jumped from the mountain he had the fear that he would hit the people, but three years of regular wingsuit flying under his belt, he said he has built up “a good sense of precision.”

“I felt really confident in how precise I could be with my flying,” he added.


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