This white guy wearing a ‘BC’ t-shirt thinking it means ‘I Love You’ is making the Twitterati ROFL

Written by Neha Monga
November 02, 2017  

Love makes you do things that you never really imagined, knowingly or unknowingly. And the latest example of the same is this white guy who was seen strutting down the Las Vegas streets wearing a t-shirt with the word ‘Bhenchod’ written on it.

Another guy who walked by this guy clicked a picture of him wearing this t-shirt with ‘Bhenchod’ written on it. Curious, he asked him if he knew what it meant.

The guy said that the t-shirt was gifted to him by his ex-girlfriend who told him that it meant ‘I Love You’ and he thought it was beautiful.

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He recently posted the picture on Twitter which has gone viral already. Needless to say, our desi Twitterati are having a field day at the cost of this innocent man.


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