Welcome To Animal Arc,The House Of Hundred Of Injured Animals

Written by Prince Chandran
August 31, 2017  

We have seen people pet  domestic animals they rescue  domestic animals but this couple here are on a complete different level they rescue wild animals and the couple have built shelter for orphan animals and injured wild life.

Dr. Prakash Amte and his wife, Dr. Mandakini Amte, have some rather unique pets in their courtyard.It all started when the couple encountered a group of tribal people in a forest Gadchiroli, Maharashtra , where they were carrying a dead monkey in their hands.What was  more saddening is that the baby monkey was still clinging to its dead mother’s body, trying to suckle milk from her.

Dr Amte asked them what they would do with the monkey they replied they would eat it. Then Dr. Amte asked about the baby monkey. “We will eat it too,” they replied.

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Dr Amte offered them some food and rice in exchange of the baby monkey and they agreed to it.

The baby monkey, later named “Babli,” was taken back with the couple to their home in the village of Hemalkasa. After adopting baby Babli, the couple has been taking in more and more wild animals, which all need their care and help.

Now the shelter has many wild life animals like jackals, leopards, jungle cats, common palm civets, rhesus macaques, sloths, bears, giant squirrels, rat-tail langurs, four-horned antelopes, black buck antelopes, snakes, Indian pythons, crocodiles, monitor lizards, banded kraits, peacocks, a spotted deer, porcupines, and neelgai.

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Watch the video here:


The Animal arc was once filled with almost 300 animals in it.Now its just home for hundred of wild animals. And acc to the law the wild animals cannot be open near villages so the couple has planned to caged them.

The wild animals seem to very happy though they are in cages because of their love and caring.



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