Watch: Vlogger gets lucky after backflip over moving car goes horribly wrong

Written by Neha Monga
November 18, 2017  

YouTube artists these days would go to any lengths to generate viewership on social media. In one such stunt, a daredevil vlogger, Bailey Payne, attempted a stunt that involved doing backflips over a moving car, but it totally backfired. Luckily, he survived with just a few bruises.

A post shared by Bailey Payne (@bagels_payne) on

A video posted on his Instagram page ‘bagels_payne‘ shows Payne attempting a stunt which involved backflips and a moving car. The vlogger was filmed attempting to jump over an Audi R8 on Wednesday, cartwheeling towards the vehicle in his white shirt and skinny black trousers. The car instead hit the back of his legs, sending his sneakers flying, but remarkably he didn’t suffer any serious injury.

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The crazy video posted on Payne’s timeline has been viewed over 715,000 times and has more than 45,000 likes in just 3 days.

Some people, however, questioned if the video was fake. To prove the authenticity, the Instagram user posted another video that shows the stunt in slow motion.


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