Wanted Man Promised To Turn Himself In And Free Dough Nuts To Police If They Get 1000 Facebook Shares.

Written by Prince Chandran
October 11, 2017  

The Detroit area man who calls himself as ‘Champagne Torino’  on Facebook made a challenge to the Redford Township Police Dept that he would turn himself in if the police manages to get 1000 shares on their next Facebook post.

Torino already has many arrest warrants against him, though its unclear what his arrest warrants are for.I still wonder why was he on the page at all.

It all started when Torino made a bad comment which was in a way negative for some people about a home invasion.


Torino Facebook Comment On Depatment Page


The person manning the Facebook page also warned Torino that he would be banned from the page.

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Torino Facebook Comment


The word ‘ban’ sparked his competitive nature and  promised to turn himself in if the departments next post would reach 1000 shares and he also promised that he would get dozen doughnuts and and to pick up every piece of litter around local schools.

The Department accepted the challenge and made the key element as doughnuts here.


Police Accepting the Challenge


Within an hour the post had got more than 1000 shares as Torino demanded and till Friday it has reached upto 4,200 shares.

But ‘Champagne Torino’ is not a man of his words he did not turn up the next day a department official told.

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Police Department Post


Officers tried to be philosophical about it on a post, explaining that “everyone gets caught at some point”



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