Vinod Khanna Passes Away

Written by Prince Chandran
May 12, 2017  



Legendary Actor, and the heartrob of the young ladies in the 80’s and the angry young man of “Mere Apne” passes Away at the age of 70 , and the cause of death is Bladder CANCER.

Vinod Khanna has acted in several blockbusters including “mera goan mera desh” , Reshma , Amar akbar antony etc .



At the verge of his career he also quit the reel life and stepped into the real life by joining the OSHO Rajneesh Foundation at Oregon 1980 .

In the Early Interviews when Asked why he joined Osho he stated that ” I was doing good in the films and my career was good and i had one question which is what Next? So i Spent Almost 4 years in the OSho rajeesh foundation In newyork , i washed dishes, cleaned toilets, and a lot more.

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His First release post his spiritual journey was Insaaf Starring Dimple Kapadia and continued to deliver hits like Satyameva Jayate.

Khanna Was very much active in the politics too,
he joined the Bharatiya Janata Party in 1997 and was elected from Gurdaspur in the next year. During the rule of Atal Bihari Vajpayee ,he became union minister for culture and tourism in 2002,and later that year he was moved in Minister of External affairs as Minister of state. In 2014 he again won the elections from Gurdaspur for the 16th LokSabha.


Condolences to the Family, Relatives, Fans Of Vinod Khanna ji, Not on the family but the entire nation has lost a great personality.

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