The video of Pakistani woman sweeping the floor riding a hoverboard has gone viral

Written by Neha Monga
October 04, 2017  

The social media, which is home to fun viral videos, has found its latest treasure in the form of a video of a woman sweeping the floor while riding a hoverboard.

The video, which is reportedly from Pakistan, shows a woman in a salwar-kameezsweeping the courtyard of her house while riding a hoverboard. The woman manages to clean the entire area in the matter of seconds while comfortably squatting on the two-wheeled gadget.

The video, which was first posted on Twitter, was soon shared on other platforms and went viral. One of the versions of the video has over 2 lakh views. The Pakistani twitterati has also taken pride in their innovative floor cleaning approach.


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Earlier this year another video from Pakistan, ‘Yeh Bik Gayi Hai Gormint,’ a viral internet meme featuring an elderly Pakistani woman, also made it to the list of viral videos.


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