The video of an Irish family trying to catch a bat in their kitchen is the funniest thing you’ll watch today

Written by Neha Monga
September 06, 2017  

Here’s a hilarious video of a man trying to catch a bat in the kitchen while the rest of his family panic and hide.

The clip which has been filmed by Tadhg Fleming in Ireland, shows the moment a bat enters the kitchen of Fleming family.

Using a towel and standing alone in the now-abandoned kitchen, the father makes a bid to capture the creature, while the rest of the family asks him to catch it from the living room.

Although Tadgh should have ideally helped his father Derry in catching the bat, but we are glad that he didn’t, otherwise we would have missed the hilarious commentary.

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“Come on Derry, CATCH HIM. You’re going to need a bigger towel. That’s it, get him now.”

Tadgh shared the amusing video to Facebook where it quickly garnered thousands of views.

Accompanying the clip, he wrote: ‘So a Bat flew into our house last night, safe to say it was dealt with in a calm and mannerly fashion.’


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