Unknown Person In Taiwan Got Donald Trump Face Sculpted Into His Hair.

Written by Prince Chandran
December 07, 2017  

The fashion at the eastern part of the world is sometimes ahead of us.

This salon in Taiwan is very famous for sculpting faces into people’s hair. They have some unusual haircuts, they started posting the unsual haircut in Facebook from September.



But they are going viral now after, a man in Changhua, Taiwan had US President’s face sculpted into his hair,  XB Hair’s stylist Allen Chen shaved Trump’s distinctive features into the back of the unidentified man’s head.

Chen completed the cut by dyeing the tuft above blond.

The reason is still unknown why the unidentified man has got this haircut done.

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Other portraits to appear on the heads of the salon’s clients include Marilyn Monroe, Da Vinci’s  ‘Monalisa’ and Mickey Mouse.






It was truly a hair raising tribute to Donald Trump.



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