Unknown Facts About Rocks in Death Valley – California

Written by Karthik KKC
September 27, 2017  

Death Valley in California is strange place and weird geological occurrences takes place such as rocks move slowly by themselves. Many researchers have recorded or observed the movement of rocks on surface.


1. Racetrack Playa California

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It is located above three thousand six hundred eight feet above sea level, and  it is 4.5 Km long towards north and south pole. 2 Km wide east to west side.  


2. Climate Conditions

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The climate in Racetrack Playa is moisture-less with no vegetation.when there is a heavy rainfall water from mountains surrounds the area and forms a temporary lake and later it will be disappeared.


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3. Hexagonal Shapes

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The Racetrack is dry around the year, during dry season. You can observe hexagonal shapes of dry cracks on surface.


4. Moving Rocks – Mysterious Phenomenon

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It is the place where mysterious geological phenomenon occurs. The rocks slowly moves themselves from one place to another place across they leave track marks behind. These rocks weigh about more than 100 pounds. But these rocks moves one in three years, the tracks can be observed while rocks were moving. After that they disappear without knowing. It’s strange isn’t it???


Footage of Moving Rocks

Let’s us see the footage of the moving rocks, you can check with the below.



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