UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Priyanka Chopra gives a perfect reply to Twitter user asking her to help children of rural India instead Jordan

Written by Neha Monga
September 11, 2017  

Actor Priyanka Chopra who is the ambassador for UNICEF, is presently in Jordan under the organization’s initiative to educate the Syrian children who were displaced and uprooted from their homes and loved ones because of the Civil War.

Priyanka took to social media to share moments from the time she spent in the region with the children. And while everyone appreciated her work, some had their criticisms ready, complaining why the actress didn’t visit India instead.  A certain Twitter user wrote: “I would request @priyankachopra that do visit rural areas of India where malnourished kids waiting for food. #MissionForChildren,” on one of the videos shared by Priyanka.

The comment obviously didn’t go down very well with Priyanka, who replied sternly saying that it’s wrong to compare the importance of one child to another.

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“I have worked with UNICEF India for 12 years and visited many such places. What have you done? Why is one child’s problem less important than another?” she wrote in her reply.

After the civil war in 2011, large number of Syrian families were either killed or forced to leave their homes. Since then, these families are struggling for survival inside Syria or are taking shelter in neighbouring countries like Jordan.

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Here are the posts shared by Priyanka of her time in Jordan:


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