Two Drunk Men Misbehaved With IndiGo Air-Hostess, She Made Them Touch Her Feet And Apologise

Written by Neha Monga
November 21, 2017  

IndiGo has been in the news in the past few days and definitely not for good reasons. But the latest incident involving an Indigo woman staffer is being lauded for all the good reasons.

In a video from Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport gone viral on social media, two drunk men are seen touching the feet of an air-hostess for allegedly misbehaving with her.

There have been many similar instances in the past where the passengers have misbehaved with the flight attendants, but due to the service standard protocols the cabin crew usually ignores such behaviour. But not this time. The woman stood her ground and confronted the two men who were in an inebriated condition.

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The incident happened on November 18, when two men, in their mid 30s, allegedly passed comments on the air hostess, working with IndiGo, when she was returning home after duty. She approached a police constable, who brought the accused to the police outpost on the airport premises.

The accused, who were identified as Bharat and Kalyan, were seen apologising for their behaviour. They requested her with folded hands not to lodge a police complaint.

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As one of the accused kept saying sorry, the air hostess asked him to bend down. When he did that, she ordered him to touch her feet as the policemen looked on.

“Bend completely and touch my feet. Then only I will let you go,” the woman can be heard in the video.

She eventually did not lodge a complaint, as both the men were students.

We hope the men learnt their lesson well and hats off to the woman for standing up to these miscreants and showing them their place.


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