Twinkle Khanna has a perfect response for the ‘easily outraged’ who trolled her for sitting on books

Written by Neha Monga
October 25, 2017  

Twinkle Khanna has a long history with internet trolls. And we just love the way each time MrsFunnyBones shuts all the trolls with her wittiest replies in the sassiest way.

One such incident happened recently when Twinkle posted a picture, from her latest photoshoot with Vogue, on Twitter. The actress-turned-writer looks stunning sitting on a pile of books with one of her foot resting on a stool (which Twitter thought was another stack of books).

But obviously the photo didn’t go down too well with the Twitterati and soon Twinkle was flooded with tweets dubbing her as shameless and condemning her pose.

However, after hearing all these negative comments, Twinkle took to Twitter and Instagram to clear the air about her pose. She reposted the picture with a message to all the ‘easily outraged.’

“My foot is on a stool and not a book because I don’t want to get dust on the cover.But there were some who were offended that she was sitting on some. She had a message for them as well, “I have no qualms with sitting on books, sleeping next to them or even keeping a pile in the bathroom to read regularly-The God of Wisdom visits you when you read books not worship them – Love and laughter from this bookworm.”

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MrsFunnyBones sure knows how to silent her critics.


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