Travel as a ‘Hippie’ . Top 7 best Hippie places in India to travel.

Written by Prince Chandran
June 29, 2017  

Ever Wondered what it is to travel as a hippie ? It is the best feelings you can experience leaving away all your stress from work and leave a very peaceful life for at least some days . For that you don’t have to plan on a international vacation you have many places in India . These are the places where many international traveller’s come seeking Nirvana.

Top 7 Hippiest places in India . 

1. Goa :

This is one of the best places to travel as a hippie, In the late sixties many hippies from all over the world were flooding into Goa to experience the Goa trance and the most loved psychedelic trance. Turning hippie here comes naturally no matter which beach you’re on, though the Anjuna and Vagator beaches are known for their night long raves. Old hippies don’t die they just pack their bags and come to Goa.




2. Kasol – Himachal Pradesh :

Kasol is mainly famous for its breath taking scenic views,Israeli inhabitants, Parvathi Valley and its rave parties. Baba’s smoking pot here in their chillums is a usual sight. It has an underground psytrance culture and an easy access to some homegrown magical herbs that are purer and more potent compared to others. Best place for trek and backpackers.

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3. Varkala – Kerala :

Kerala is very famous for its backwater and beaches. But there is an unexplored part and non commercial part of the state. The varkala beach is famous for hippies and it is known as ‘Hippie Haven’.  The beach here is ‘Papanashanam Beach’ which literally means washing away your sins. No one will disturb you here because no one cares; and for those hunger pangs later, you can head to the shacks or cafes. Just find a nice corner and listen to some good trance and seek Nirvana.



4. Kodaikanal – Tamilnadu

One of the best mystic and calm place in Tamil Nadu . You find some breath taking views and the famous Magic Mushrooms which is one of its kind. This place is known for drawing the hippie crowd, especially sometime during the month of September. Vattakanal is the place you need to visit for some calmness and food is always best at Altaf’s Cafe .

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5. Almora – Uttrakhand

The name itself sounds like the magical world that is enclosed from the world in this tiny town situated in Uttarakhand. It is frequented by the hippie crowd for its Crank’s Ridge, a hill located just above Almora. Also known as the ‘Hippie Hill’, this place has the old world charm of the 60’s and 70’s, which explains why the place is so loved by the nirvana seekers. This mystical hamlet is a must visit for the times when you decide to take a trip to self-discovery, or just ‘trip’ for that matter.




6.Hampi – Karnataka

It’s on UNESCO’s list of the World Heritage Sites, and for good reason. As it is in the UNESCO does not mean that is is some tourist spot and a commercial place . You have to ask for Hippie Island which is just on the other side of the river . As you enter the Hippie island you find good cafes with some Bob Marley music in the background. ‘Don’t miss the sunset’.

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7. Gokarna – Karnataka

This simple, untouched beach town is adorned by wall art and its much loved beach-side shacks. Yes, it is known for the famous Mahabaleshwara Temple, but the bhakths are not restricted to the temple alone, if you know what I mean. That’s what a trippy traveller like you, would want, right?  All you have to do is hit that Floyd playlist, make use of the ‘pot’ and let Gokarna do the rest for you. It is almost the same as Goa but not noisy and commercial as Goa is.




So, there you go. Next time you visit these places, don’t forget to chill! So get ready pack your back packs and travel.

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