Top 5 Greatest Conspiracies Of All Time.

Written by Prince Chandran
December 08, 2017  

Conspiracy Theory is nothing but an explanation of an event or a set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators.

Here are worlds biggest conspiracies of all time.

1. Illuminati Controls The Music Industry.


In 2012, psychologists proved that the way humans process information is based on the type of music we listen to. Some believe that Illuminati or World Government control the music to manipulate the thoughts of the people.

Some believe that Tupac album ‘ Don Killuminati The 7 day Theory’ about which he said ” that is why i’m putting the K to it, because I’m killing the Illuminati, he was mysteriously killed after that.

2. Area 51 Is Hiding Alien Remains.




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Many former employees from the Area 51 claim that the Air Force base harboured aliens, of Grey species. Bill Uhouse, former base engineer also claims to work with a Grey called ‘J-ROd’.

Many people believe that it stores the remains of the alien crash in 1947 Rosewell incident. The CIA only admitted to the base existence in 2013. Many argue this long period denial was to hide the otherworldly truths.

3.  The Titanic Never Sank.








According to historian Robin Gardiner, Titanic never sank and it did not hit a iceberg but  it was swapped with almost identical sister ship, The Olympia. It was an insurance scam staged by JP Morgan, world most powerful financier at that time.

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Survivor testimonials of that ship as it sank includes details that the titanic didn’t have, such as promenades across the deck. However Olympia did have these features. The photographs from survivors  matched the Olympia but not Titanic.

4.  Micheal Jackson Was Murdered.




Sudden death of Micheal Jackson in 2009 raised many questions. People were not ready to take it as a natural death but his event promoter AEG Live was involved. Autoposies found that Jackson died from “acute propofol intoxication” an extremely powerful sedative.

Jackson’s physician was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for administering the fatal dose. He was employed by AEG Live. Night before his death Jackson told his son Prince Jackson that Randy Phillips is going to kill him, CEO of AEG live.

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5. 9/11 was a Government Plot.






15% of the American citizens believe that  US Government was involved in the September 11 terror attacks. Many agree with former LAPD investigator Micheal Ruppert that it was a government operation to justify invading Afghanistan for oil.

Architect Richard Guage argues that it is almost impossible the twin towers collapsed from fire. Now President Donald Trump also says it is impossible for just planes to take out the complete building.

Some suggest the government staged the collapse using the rare compound thermite, that can melt steels.





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