August 13, 2018

Top 5 Facts About The Rajneesh Movement That Will Blow Your mind

by Prince Chandran

The Rajneesh Movement  by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh is something which will turn heads in the USA even today.

The Rajneesh Movement made its way into Oregon in 1981, he incoperated Rajneesh Puram. Rajneesh Puram was very huge and Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh attracted many followers around the globe.

The religious cult under the leadership of Ma Anand Sheela former spokes person of the Rajneesh Movenment, made national news after engaging in immigration fraud, busing homeless people to their commune, and perpetrating the largest bioterrorism attack in US history in an attempt to overthrow local government leaders.

The community was disbanded in mid 1980’s, Rajneesh was arrested on charges of immigration fraud. After his trial, he immediately left for India and changed his name to Osho. He spent the rest of his life in several countries before his death in 1990.

Ma Anand Sheela, in 1986 pleaded guilty to attempted murder, wiretapping, immigration fraud, and engineering a salmonella outbreak. She was released from prison early for good behavior, and she now lives in Switzerland, where she cares for 29 mentally disabled patients in her two care homes.

rajneesh and ma anand sheela


Here are some amazing facts about ‘The Rajneesh Movement’

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Materialism And Sexual Hedonism

  Rajeesh Movement

Many were attracted to Shree Rajneesh is because of his teachings on materialism and sexual hedonism. Rajneesh always believed that sex is an path to enlightenment, he also believed that sex is divine and had primal energy of sex has the reflection of godliness in it. He said that in the moment of sexual climax, the mind becomes empty of all thought. The empty mind is like a void, and a vacuum is the cause of the shower of divine joy.

Rajneesh was a wealthy man and he didn’t mind flaunting it, he always wore expensive ‘Rolex’ watches only to show off his wealth. s obvious to see why Rajneesh attracted so many followers with teachings centered on wealth and sex.


Rajneesh Owned Nearly 100 Rolls Royces

  Rajneesh Owned Nearly 100 Rolls Royces

Rajneesh had a fleet of expensive cars, when Rajneeshpuram was abandoned the neighbors were shocked to see almost 100 Roll Royce’s being taken by the cops. Rajneesh once said, “Wealth is a perfect means which can enhance people in every way . . . So I am a materialistic spiritualist.”

His collection would eventually grow to a fleet of 93 Rolls-Royce’s. After Rajneesh left the country, the Rolls-Royce’s were auctioned off. The cars were in very good condition and had very miles on it because Rajneesh drove a different one each day.

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Recruited Thousands of Homeless People


At one time in Rajneeshpuram thousands of homeless were brought into the ashram to live and work in the commune. Followers claimed that the homeless were brought because the society doesn’t care them and they wanted to provide a new life to the homeless people.

Critics of the group claimed the homeless were being shipped to the area to boost voting for members of the religious group. The leaders of Rajneeshpuram wanted to start getting members elected into government positions to give the group help with certain things, but they would need more people to vote for their members in order to get elected. This was the reason homeless people were being moved to the location and registering to vote.

Responsible for One of The Largest Bioterrorism attack In US History

  Responsible for One of The Largest Bioterrorism attack In US History  

This is one of the largest boiterrorism attack in US history, the Rajneeshpuram planned to harm people. Since they didn’t have enough people to swing the votes their way, they decided they would take out their competition.

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Salsa bars, vegetable and salad bars, table-top creamers, and other foods at a dozen local restaurants and supermarkets were contaminated with salmonella. After conducting an inspection of the ranch, Wasco County Executive William Hulse and Commissioner Raymond Matthew became ill. They had drunk ice water from the commune that had traces of salmonella in it.

No one died but almost 750 people  were sickened  due to Rajneesh’s actions.


Assassinated Two Government Officials.

  Assassinated Two Government Officials.  

As the government was pressing charges against Rajneesh, the devotes were unhappy about it and soon started to plot an assassinating two government officials Oregon’s US attorney and its attorney general.

Soon FBI discovered about the plan by investigating the followers.

The group decided to murder the US attorney and then assembled weapons and spied on him, but they never carried out the plot.

This was the end of the Rajneeshees in Oregon; Rajneesh had already been deported from the United States. Several of the other top members had fled the country as well. Sheela served time in prison and was eventually deported to Switzerland.


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