September 26, 2017

Top 4 Haunted Places In The World

by Karthik KKC
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When we were children, we heard lot of scary ghost stories, so these stories still scare us in our dreams. Now I am gonna tell you some best haunted places on earth that would really give you a weird and spooky experience.

Below you’ll realize an inventory of four scariest places on earth, which is likely heard of by someone or some were experienced. Now let us see.  




Waverly Hills was a two-story picket building of 1910s, again it was re modeled in 1926. It served as a infectious disease hospital throughout the first to middle twentieth Century, a time once the malady was at its worst. it’s believed that as several as sixty three thousand patients died there. The toll similarly because the supposed pattern and questionable experimental procedures on patients, area unit all recipes which will be behind one amongst the foremost haunted buildings within the whole of the North American nation.

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Most of the investigators like paranormal experts or ghost hunters found that this place is most haunted place and the patients who died in this hospital are still living in this hospital like evil spirits. Footage were captured regarding footsteps, cold spots, voices and some shadows were also spotted during investigation.



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We heard that 900 years back there were torture, executions and killings of prisoners or sinners. I think we are talking about Tower of London which located in England. It is one of the most haunted place and it was built in 1078 A.D by William the Conqueror.

Most of paranormal experts reported that Tower of London is a haunted place and they have experienced some weird paranormal activity within its walls. In the year 1536 King Henry’s wife VII was beheaded and her headless body was seen walking in corridors where she was demise.

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Eastern Penitentiary is a prison in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it is known to be first prison introduced solitary confinement. Solitary confinement means prisoners were completely isolated such as living alone, eating alone, and exercise alone. Due to this harsh approach many prisoners were drove to insanity and some were dead. Therefore, it was discarded in 1913. In the year 1970 it was used as regular prison, but paranormal incidence were increased in the prison, it was abandoned in 1971.

Paranormal Experts were stated that the incidence were reported like shadow figures in prison, a evil cackling was heard, ghostly faces were spotted, strange sounds like footsteps, distance talking and cell doors banging etc.

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Old Changi Hospital located in Changi, Singapore.It was reconstructed in the year 1935, during Japanese occupied and used as secret police station. In this secret police station prisoners were tortured. After the World War II, the building was renovated as hospital and remained until 1997. The building was haunted due to serial executions of Japanese soldiers during World War II. So many patients were died in that hospital. Children spirits were spotted at corridors and some screams were heard inside the rooms.

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