Top 10 Biggest Man Made Changes To The Natural World.

Written by Prince Chandran
October 17, 2017  

The world is a beautiful place as we all know. And we also know that it was all formed from the Big Bang. We have a lot of beautiful places. But there are some places which are human made. Mankind has left it’s physical mark on the planet sometime’s by accident but mostly on purpose however destructive the purpose might be.
We almost ruined this planet.

Here are the Top 10 biggest Man made changes to the natural world.

10.  Lake Peigneur – Louisiana.



When an oil drill hit a salt mine it turned a 11 feet deep lake into a 1,300 ft sinkhole.

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9. Betsiboka Estuary – Madagascar.



Removal of native forest has caused massive soil erosion. 112 tons of per acre every year.

8.  Three Gorges Dam – China.



Building the world’s largest power station displaced 1.3 million people.

7. The Scottish Highland – Scotland


The Scottish Highland - Scotland



Once vast forest were razed by ancient Romans and farmers over the last 3900 years.

6. Amazon Deforestation – Brazil.


Amazon Deforestation - Brazil.


To understand the effects of deforestation the study cut down huge hectares of rain forest.

5. Aral Sea – Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.


 Aral Sea - Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan


Once the 4 the largest lake in the world was drained down by the soveint irrigation policy.

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4. Bingham Canyon Mine – Utah


Bingham Canyon Mine - Utah



The world’s deepest pit mine. If it was a stadium it would fit almost 9 million people.

3. Bravo Carter – Bikini Atoll.


 Bravo Carter - Bikini Atoll



The US dropped 15 megatons of TNT on the island, creating a carter 6,500 ft wide.

2. The Hull Rust Mahoning Mine – Minnesota.


The Hull Rust Mahoning Mine - Minnesota



This open pit iron mine is 3.5 miles wide and has yielded 690 million tons of iron ore.

1. The Great Wall of China – China.


 The Great Wall of China


This is one of the seven wonders of the world and is over 2,300 years old and spans more than 13,000 miles.

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