Temple In India, “Always On The Rocks”

Written by Prince Chandran
May 19, 2017  



How many you have ever entered the temple drunk or with a bottle of Jack Daniels in your hand, The answer is NO, you might have heard people offering Chicken or ganja as a prasaad to god but no liquor, But there is One Temple in Delhi where the deity is offered liquor as prasaad and later the prasaad is shared with the people. And the God Is mainly pleased by angrezi daaru  than the desi daaru.









Yes, The Prachin Bhairon Mandir , is the name of the temple in Delhi of God Bhairav, one of the forms Of lord Shiva, the myth is that Bhairon Baba the deity here was once a demon and was killed by goddess Durga, but due to his nature being good, goddess Durga was very pleased and cleared of all the sins during his final moments. the deity Bhairav is very fond of liquor and meat. That is why many people offer him liquor. The highest number of visitors to this temple are mostly on Sunday. Even the god loves weekend.

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