Super Man Is Still Alive Says Aquaman at Comic Con 2017.

Written by Prince Chandran
July 25, 2017  

Recently the comic con happened on July 17 and many trailers were launched and the new trailer of the Justice League was also launched.

The entire cast of the Justice League was present at the trailer launch and after the trailer was launched they were involved in a  Q&A session with the fans.

As we all know Super Man was killed in the last part Batman Vs Superman . In the question session with the star cast a little kid asked the cast about Super Man whether he is in the Justice League . To which the cast responded in a rather funny way .

Kid: My Question is where is Super Man gonna be in this movie?

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Gal Gandot (Wonder Woman) : You’re a very very Smart boy. Yeah Its a really really good Question.

Jason Momoa (Aqua Man ): Son I’m not sure if your parents showed you the last movie, but SUPERMAN IS DEAD.

Every One bursts into laughing.

Gal Gandot (Wonder Woman) : We Cant say much but if you’re a very big Super Man fan then im sure you’re gonna be very very happy watching Justice League.

So this gives us a little hope that Super Man is alive but Jason Momoa made it very clear later that he is alive. When the kid who asked the question came to him for the autograph he told him  “Hey dont worry. He is still alive . Okay?”

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Watch the video here,

Mostly Super Man is not gonna be in this part of the movie but im pretty sure he is gonna make in the second part of Justice League.


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