Sunny Leone gets back with a ‘sweet’ revenge, at a crew member who pranked her

Written by Neha Monga
November 27, 2017  

On the movie sets, it is not unusual to see crew members and actors playing pranks on each other to break away from the mundane shooting schedules and have some fun while working. Sunny Leone became the latest victim of one such, scary yet hilarious, prank by one of her crew members on the sets.

The prank caught on video shows the actress busy reading a script when one of her crew members, Sunny Rajani, scares the hell out of her when he throws a fake rubber snake on her. Completely petrified, the video shows Sunny running after Rajani.

The sporting actress shared the video on her Twitter and makes for an epic watch.

The hilarious video has been viewed as many as 2.7 million times on Sunny’s Instagram.

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The overwhelming response prompted Sunny to take a revenge on the prankster. Soon Sunny disclosed her plans of plotting a revenge on Rajani.

“Yes I am plotting something now. They will not know what hit them!! Haha,” the actress wrote on Twitter.

And Sunny completely slayed her ‘sweet’ revenge in style.

Sunny managed to make Rajani run after her just like she did after the snake prank!

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The video has already received over 8,000 ‘likes’ and some 760 retweets – and still counting.



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