Suchitra Krishnamoorthy steps into Sonu Nigams shoes call’s Azaaan ‘Un-civilised’.

Written by Prince Chandran
July 24, 2017  

It was just couple of months ago Sonu Nigam took a voice against azaan,by letting people know how it was disturbing his sleep and also went on to say that they were forcing religion. Twitter users accused him of religious bigotry and communalism.

As he stood by his stand on “forced religiousness” and even went on to shave his head after a fatwa issued by a Muslim cleric who announced a reward of Rs 10 lakh to anybody who’d shave off Nigam’s hair. Probably stepping into Nigam’s shoes, now it is Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, actress and singer, who has taken a stand against ‘Azaan on loudspeakers’.

On July 23, Suchitra Krishnamurthy was so annoyed that she took on twitter to write “came home at 4.45 am 2 most aggressive/ ear shattering call of azaan. Nothing more lowlife & dumb than such extreme imposed religiousity.” As a response, a fake Twitter account user of journalist Sagarika Ghose tweeted: “While Hindoo celebs raise voice agnst Azaan, I remind dem its good to wakeup at BrahmaMuhurt acc to Hinduism. Azaan only helps to do so…” This was one among many others that responded to Krishnamoorthi.

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Here are some series of tweets.

Suchithra Tweet On Azaan

The Fake Account Reply


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