Sniffer Dog Was Sacked From CIA For Not Sniffing The Bomb.

Written by Prince Chandran
November 03, 2017  

Labrador Lulu was fired from the CIA training program after she failed to sniff the bomb during the training.

But Lulu’s handler had very high hopes of her becoming the CIA’s latest bomb-sniffing talent, but it was not meant to be.


Sniffer dog Lulu


According to “Pupdate” on the  CIA’s official website, it all started out well, until one day when Lulu started showing signs like “she was not interested in detecting explosive odour.”

“Lulu was no longer interested in searching for explosives, Even when they could motivate her with food and play to search, she was clearly not enjoying herself any longer.” the post said.

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Sniffer dogs have to go through very intense training as part of the program, so mental and physical abilities is their main priority.

So they did the best what they can do for Lulu they dropped her from the training.

What is next for Lulu? After they drop the dogs from the program the handlers have the option to adopt dogs who are dropped.

Lulu has a new home now and spends her days chasing Rabbits and Squirrel in the garden, much less stressful.

Maybe all this can be the cunning plan of Lulu to permanently skip from the work or may be she wasn’t up to the challenges.

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Either way, she happy in the new home and so is her handler – and the CIA can now focus on its top dogs.

Some people just aren’t cut out for the realities of a high-pressure work environment – and it would seem the same goes for dogs.


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