Slippery Staircase, Funny Japanese Game Show Is Rapidly Increasing Its Fan Base.

Written by Prince Chandran
November 24, 2017  

I bet, after watching slippery staircase you would also be the fan of the game show.


This hilarious game show is really awesome. Imagine six contestants trying to climb a slippery stair case, would be so interesting to watch, in the upside-down we call 2017.

The episode from the Japanese game show featuring a set of slippery stairs appeared on Youtube this week. And it has already caught attention of many people in a good way. It is amazing to watch six contestants in a latex suit competing against each other to reach the top of the stairs and tumble down. It is not just fun to watch but it also has pure athleticism, the never-ending drama.

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It’s unclear why the show hasn’t stormed the rest of the world. But if Twitter can make a movie starring Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o a reality, it’s a safe bet that “Slippery Stairs” is coming to a small screen near you.


Many people already are fans of this show.


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