August 28, 2017

What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Personality?

by Neha Monga

The way you sleep at night could provide some interesting insight into your character. Yes, you read it right. Researchers, psychologists and sleep scientists alike have been studying the most common sleep patterns to get an inside scoop about what they mean. It turns out, there are 9 different sleeping positions, and each can tell a lot about the sleeper’s personality. So, read on to find out whether you’re a good friend, more likely to be an introvert, or prefer to be cuddled.


This is one of the most popular position among sleepers. Fetal position is when you sleep on your side and curl your knees in towards your chest like you’re tucked into a safe little ball. This sleeping position means you’re tough on the outside but soft on the inside. You can be shy to begin with, though usually open up and relax quite quickly.

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2. Yearner

This is also a very common sleeping position and involves sleeping on your side with arms stretched in front of you, as if trying to reach something. People that sleep like this are a bit of a mixed bag, being both open-minded, yet cynical. They are suspicious of their own decisions, though have a firm resolve once they’ve come to a conclusion.

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3. Log

As funny as it may sound, this sleeping style has people lying on their sides with their legs extended straight and arms by their sides If you tend to sleep like this chances are you’re a bit of a social butterfly who loves to interact with all kind of individuals. However, your trusting nature means you can also fall into the trap of being gullible.

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4. Soldier

Exactly as it sounds, the soldier position is where you sleep on your back with your arms by your sides. This sleep style usually means that you’re quite quiet and reserved. It may also mean you have high expectations from both yourself and others.

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5. Freefall

This position involves lying on your stomach with your arms wrapped around your pillow and head turned to the side. Sleeping in freefall means you’re bold and sociable, though you might not have the thick skin necessary to deal with criticism or situations you aren’t comfortable with.

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6. Starfish

Another position that looks just the way it sounds: starfish sleepers lie on their backs with their legs stretched out, and their arms stretch up by their head. Starfish sleepers are always eager to lend an ear or give a helping hand to their friends in need. They don’t necessarily like being the centre of attention, but don’t mind if they find themselves there from time to time.

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7. Stargazer

This position is not one of the the most popular position. Stargazers lie on their back with their arms wrapped around their head. Stargazers prioritise their friends, doing everything they can for those they hold dear. Usually these sleepers have a happy-go-lucky outlook on life.

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8. Pillow Hugger

This sleeper hugs a pillow close to their body, and they usually have their limbs wrapped around it in some way. Pillow huggers like to get cosy and be cuddled, cherishing the relationships they have with the important people in their lives above all else, just like the stargazers.

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9. Thinker

This position is similar to the fetal position, except you’ll always have a hand gently resting on your chin, as if pondering something. Those that habitually sleep in this position are more emotional than other sleepers, with both positive and negative emotions running high for those that favour this position.

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