Skydiving Santa Broke His Leg After Crashing Onto A Tree In Florida Beach.

Written by Prince Chandran
December 06, 2017  

Gerard Krokus was delivering toys to the Beach Bums Operation Santa charity volleyball tournament on Gulfport Beach, near Tampa, Florida on Saturday when he became entangled in a tree.



Krokus is an experienced skydiver, who unfortunately crashed into a tree and broke his leg. He was dressed as Father Christmas, who was supposed to come down from the sky and deliver gifts.

But while coming down from the sky he was first hit a tree, then a lamp post and crashed into the middle of the beach volleyball court.




People around ran towards flying Father Christmas but he asked the spectators to take a picture of him in his costume as he smiled to let everybody know he was okay.

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But Krokus broke his leg, he was immediately rushed to hospital where he underwent a surgery.

Mr Krokus revealed that as well as delivering toys, he had an Elf on the Shelf to deliver to nine-year-old Madison Spiers.

The elf, named Kristoff, appears on her shelf every festive season to encourage her to be good for Father Christmas.

Madison saw the crash and later found a note from Kristoff which said: “As we were about to land, this big tree jumped right out in front of us!”

She told Bay News 9 that Kristoff is no stranger to adventure, and is currently sporting a bandaged leg while recovering with Mr Krokus.

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