Shark Attack Faked For Publicity!!

Written by Prince Chandran
May 12, 2017  

Recently an Cam company named Camsoda , made it into headlines by posting a video of one of its models being bitten by shark, but many veteran divers and shark experts are claiming this video to be a complete hoax, the video has already made almost 14 million view on Youtube.


A sexy photoshoot turned out to be a nightmare for adult model Molly Cavalli, she was shooting for Camsoda for promoting a custom made hardware protection device, which was not effective for its safety and reliability. who was attacked by a lemon head shark and was filmed by the photographer which went viral.

It Is Hoaxed!

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Veteran diver and owner of Florida Shark Diving, Bryce Rohrer has claimed that the video of model being bitten by shark is completely fake and it was just a promotion for the Camsoda
He stated that the adult model spoke to him before the shoot telling him that we are plannoing to do a underwater shoot with a few scantily clad women diving with sharks and she sent him certain photos and spelled out we want to do a fake bite, and she wanted it to look like the images she sent , but Bryce Rohrer has declined the offer. he also stated that
“I’ve been working with sharks my entire adult career, 300 days a year, I’m on the water diving with sharks. They’re incredible animals, they’re a cornerstone species, meaning they need to be in the oceans at a somewhat healthy level, or else the entire ecosystem literally breaks down,” Rohrer said

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