September 28, 2017

Scientific Inventions By Ancient Saints in India

by Karthik KKC

Ancient Civilization and Ancient Technologies played important key role for engineering in ancient periods. These theories are also developed the history of technology, adopted a new governance.

  ScripturePic Courtesy: zummerfish – DeviantArt

1. Sea Dock

In 2400 BCE, India was the first country to have a dock for transportation.  Harappa Civilization built a dock on Lothal and they were first to introduce marine engineering.

  Ancient DocksPic Courtesy: Discover India – blogger

2. Saints

Saints in India are known to be equal to gods or scientists. They can easily explain unpredictable theories which an ordinary man can’t figure out. Saints worked on Vedas about 1,000 years ago and they had written about modern science.

 Saints Pic Courtesy: Speaking Tree

3. Atomic Theory

Atomic Theory was formulated before 2,600 years back by a great philosopher Kashyap known as Acharya Kanad. He was born in 600 BC in Dwaraka.

Acharya Kanad

4. Astronomy

He was the Astronomer and Mathematician born in 476 CE in Bihar. He wrote astronomy and also he formulated the motion of planets. He wrote calculations and unparalleled theories in mathematics.

Aryabhata Pic Courtesy:

5. Medical Science

Acharya Sushrutha is the father of surgery and also a health scientist 2,600 years ago. He conducted cesareans, cataract, rhinoplasty, and artificial limbs surgeries and accomplished successfully without fail.

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