Samsung’s new Galaxy commercial brutally trolls 10 years of iPhone

Written by Neha Monga
November 08, 2017  

The Samsung vs Apple rivalry is not new and neither it is the first time that smartphone maker Samsung has mocked Apple’s iPhone. But with their latest Galaxy commercial, Samsung took it to another level by brutally trolling ten years of iPhone’s existence.

The new advertisement, titled ‘Growing Up,’ follows an Apple loyalist from his first iPhone in 2007 as he experiences various issues with his iPhone models until he decides to switch to a Samsung device in 2017. The advertisement takes digs at waiting in lines for the new model, small size of older iPhones, inadequate photo storage space, lack of water resistance, lack of headphone jack and iPhones without wireless charging.

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In 2017, he’s had enough and buys a Samsung Galaxy, and as he walks past an Apple store, he sees his image in an Apple fanboy waiting in queue for iPhone X with his hair cut in a shape similar to the top notch on the new iPhone X.

samsung notch ad memes

Watch the Samsung ad below:

Twitterati were quick to react:

However, it remains to be seen how Samsung’s new phone competes with the iPhone X, with both the companies looking forward to the holiday season to boost their sales.

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