Russian Man Casually Walks Leopard Through Kids Playground

Written by Neha Monga
November 20, 2017  

Walking a dog on a leash is apparently the most common sight, but in a recent CCTV footage that has surfaced, a man can be seen taking his pet leopard on a leash for a walk.

The residents of an apartment building Nizhny Novgorod, located in central Russia, are obviously upset about the man casually walking his exotic pet in just a leash. The residents have complained about the man keeping a wild animal as a pet and keeping it locked up indoors, especially as there are many young children that live in the building and play in a playground right outside.

According to RT, the footprints left by the big cat “in the playground’s sandbox have become a regular and worrying sight for residents, who fear the cat might break free from its owner and maul the children.”

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In the surveillance footage from the apartment, the leopard can be seen walking with his owner outside his apartment and surprisingly it looked very calm.

The residents say that the man regularly walks the leopard in the vicinity of kids’ playground, which is right outside the entrance and does not bother to at least put a muzzle on it.

However, the man who is identified only as ‘Aleksandr’ insists there’s nothing wrong with handling a leopard like a regular housecat.

Speaking to Nizhny Novgorod’s Kstati News, Aleksandr said, “The animal is completely tame, it doesn’t bite, doesn’t jump at anybody… It has never happened. There is no danger.”

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He also claimed that the animal is very well trained and that “it’s a human’s friend, not an enemy,” adding that he has raised the cat since it was born.

Neighbours say they are collectively filing a police report, and local veterinarian authority, in the meanwhile, confirmed that it had not granted any permits for the big cat.

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