Rhino Charges Down A Busy Road in Assam

Written by Neha Monga
August 29, 2017  

A video posted on Facebook by ‘North-East Of India’ capturing a plump rhino charging onto a road in Assam has been doing its rounds on social media.

The video which has been shot by a couple shows a rhino running down a road in Assam while the couple follows it in their car with their running commentary.

“Look at the size of the thing,” the man says.

“It’s a rhino,” the woman replies.

“Yeah, it’s a rhino, I know!” the man says.

The car continues to follow the rhino as vehicles traveling the opposite direction give it a wide berth, particularly when it shows them attention by charging toward them.

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The rhino eventually exited the road after buses blocked the highway, frolicking off into the greenery.

While it would have been scary for the ones driving down that road, for us it just seems quite hilarious, isn’t it ?

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