The Rarest Passport In the World Has Just Three Holders To It.

Written by Prince Chandran
October 04, 2017  

We all know the pain and frustration we go through when we apply for a passport no matter which country you live in, but out efforts are nothing compared to what it takes to secure the world’s rarest passport.

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is so exclusive that the passport are granted to only three of the highest ranking officers in the Catholic order.
The few in possession of the rarest passport is the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master and Chancellor of the Order.

You can’t get far enough with the rarest passport in the world countries like UK,USA and New Zealand does not accept the passport for travel and also the countries with the similar rules.

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The Order was officially recognized by Pope Paschal in 1113 and is one of the oldest Institution in the Christian world.


The Grand Master Of Order


There are more than 13,500 knights,dames and chaplian’s in the Order along with 80000 employee’s.

It now runs as a charitable organization where it provides medical aid around the globe and it has almost 25,000 medical employee’s.

The most powerful passport today is the German passport which allows it citizens to travel 176 countries of 218 without a visa.


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