Its A Rare Thing Father And Son Sharing The Same Passion, The Best Father Son Duo Ever.

Written by Prince Chandran
January 29, 2018  

This father son duo is one of the cutest thing you will find on the internet today. This little wonder kid has some amazing football skills just like his father.

This little kid is an internet sensation now, ruling social media with his amazing insane football skills. He is just three years old but has a good footwork of 17 year old.

Remember his name Mantanos, he is compared to Legend Ronaldo because of his amazing trick shots and celebrations after the goal just like Ronaldo.

All the skills he got is from his father who is also a freestyle footballer.

Here are some videos

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The amazing volley and that reaction.


The volley… and then the celebration ⚽️😎💪🏻

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His priceless reactions after his dad scores are a thing to watch.



Ooh that nutmegs.


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This kid is amazing just like his father, please comment below about what do you think of this father and son duo.

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