Ransomware ‘Wannacry’ was accidentally halted by a British security researcher.

Written by Prince Chandran
May 17, 2017  

The massive virus which has been creating a havoc across the globe has  Wannacry 2.0 been stopped by security expert by accidentally activating a kill switch in the malware code.

Marcus Hutchins explained how he had stopped the malware by just buying a domain which was hidden in the malware. It has been written into the malware to kill it.

He stated that it was his job to check for the unregistered malware domains and infact he had registered 1000 such domains in the last year.
For stopping the malware the accidental hero has been rewarded $10,000 as bounty by HackerOne, a group that rewards ethical hackers . Marcus plans on distributing the reward to charities and education.

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JustEat a takeaway delivery  firm  has awarded the techie with one year worth of free pizzas as Marcus loves eating pizza with Hawaiian topping of ham and potatoes is his favourite.

Marcus was actually a college dropout who loves himself calling ‘ Self Taught’


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