Ram Nath Kovind,Former Bihar Governor Elected as India’s 14 President

Written by Prince Chandran
July 20, 2017  

NDA’s presidential candidate and former Bihar Governor RamNath Kovind was elected as India’s 14th President today.In the final vote count from all Lok Sabha,Rajya Sabha  and 11 states have been counted and he has won with  65.6 per cent votes translating into 702,044 electoral college votes, while UPA candidate Meira Kumar managed to get 34.35 per cent (367,314 votes). He will the second dalit leader after R.K Narayan to occupy India’s highest ceremonial post.

522 MP’s voted for Kovind and just 225 MP’s voted for Meira Kumar.

Ram Nath Kovind has been into politics from a very long time .He entered into politics in the year 1994 and became MP in  Rajya Sabha  from UP and served as Mp for two consecutive terms till 2006. He also represented India in the United Nations in NewYork and also addressed the UN In 2002. He is a advocate by profession and used to practice in Delhi High Court and Supreme Court.

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In the very early years in 1977 he was the personal secretary of then Prime Minister Morarji Desai,and later went on to become the National spokesperson of BJP.

Ram Nath Kovind was elected at the Governor of Bihar on Aug 8 2015. He resigned to the Governor post after he has given the nominations for President. Now President accepted his resignation on 20 June 2017.

Current President Pranab Mukherjee’s  term is ending on July 24 and Kovind will take oath the next day to become India’s 14th President.


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