Railways cuts sleeping time by an hour to check quarrels on trains

Written by Neha Monga
September 18, 2017  

In its efforts to end the quarrels between passengers due to oversleeping in different berths and to make the travel comfortable for all its passengers, Indian Railways has decide to reduce the official sleep time by an hour.

According to a circular issued by the Railways dated August 31, the passengers in reserved coaches can sleep only between 10pm and 6am, while allowing other passengers to sit on the lower berths for the rest of the time. Earlier, the passengers were permitted to sleep between 9pm and 6am.

“Sleeping accommodation between 2200 hours and 0600 hours and sitting accommodation for the rest of the period is provided for the passengers in the reserved coaches having sleeping accommodation,” said the circular, dated August 31.

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The new circular will however make an exception for certain passengers.

“Passengers are, however, requested to cooperate with the sick, persons with disability, and pregnant ladies in case they want to sleep beyond permissible limits.”

“We had received feedback from officials regarding issues between passengers over sleeping arrangements. We already have a rule in place. However, we wanted to clarify it and ensure it is followed,” said the Railway ministry spokesperson Anil Saxena.

Officials said that that the highest number of complaints have been received from side berth passengers. The circular has clarified that a person booked on side upper berth will not have any claim of seat on the lower berth between 10 pm and 6 am.

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This is one of the many steps taken by Railways to revitalise its wide railway network in the country. You will now also be able to give an instant feedback on the food served and other services provided on a tablet. However, this feature will only be available to Tejas and Rajdhani passengers for now. With the recent changes introduced to make the experience better, it would not be wrong to say that Railways is finally moving towards the right direction.


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