‘Rage Rooms’ are the new rage in Singapore, so go smash and bash some

Written by Neha Monga
November 02, 2017  

Bad day at work, low grades in the school, fought with your partner? Now you have a medium to vent out all your frustration and anger. In high pressured Singapore, you can relieve all your pent-up frustration by smashing things ranging from glass bottles to plates and printers to television sets in a “rage-room.”

The ‘Fragment Room’ lets the stressed-out people, armed with a baseball bat, enter the concrete-walled room and smash and break everything in sight. It is an unusual form of destructive stress relief.

The set-up that opened about six months ago is already a hit with the stressed-out Singaporeans. The customers of this rage room range from anxious office goers to students and retirees.

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The customers are suited up in overalls, safety helmets with a visor, gloves and thick-soled covered shoes, to prevent any injury.

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While Singapore is ultra-modern and affluent, it is also notorious for the high levels of stress suffered by its citizens, from school children to adults, who are placed under huge pressure to do well from an early age.

“Everyone in Singapore, no matter where you come from, what your background is, whatever you do, whatever age you are, everyone is stressed out,” Royce Tan, the founder of “Fragment Room”, told AFP.

“Be it school, be it work, be it like your own personal relations, everything is stressful.”

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A 30-minute package for one-person would cost you Sg$38 and includes a limited number of items to smash such as ceramic plates and bowls, glasses and bottles. On payment of an additional fee, customers can also get items such as TV sets and laptops added to their package.

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On a recent afternoon at the shop, four students, aged 18 and 19, who had just finished their exams were enjoying a session, and the thud of bat on printer was just audible through the concrete walls.

Law student Kylie Low, drenched in sweat and with her shoes covered in printer ink, described it as a “cathartic experience”.

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“When we’re in school we’re always printing things for class, so to be able to smash up a printer, it feels amazing,” the 18-year-old said.

These rooms are all the rage globally too.

Since the first ones were reported to have opened in the United States and Japan in 2008, more and more have popped up all over the world in the past year, including in Britain, Australia, Russia and Egypt.



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