President’s convoy has been stopped by a Bengaluru cop to let ambulance pass.

Written by Prince Chandran
June 21, 2017  

The Traffic sub inspector win’s hearts and rewards for letting a ambulance pass,by stopping the President’s convoy in a busy junction.

On June 17, President Pranab Mukherjee visited Bengaluru for the  inauguration of Metro’s Green Line. After the event President’s convoy has been headed to Raj Bhavan . Mukherjee’s convoy was headed towards the Raj Bhavan that is when ‘Nijalingappa’ is said to have spotted an ambulance trying to make out of the traffic  towards a private hospital near HAL. The sub-inspector directed his colleagues to help the ambulance travel through the traffic-heavy road.

Traffic police sub inspector ML Nijalingappa,who was on duty at the at Bengaluru’s Trinity Circle on Saturday (June 17), that is when he spotted the ambulance in the traffic and  he has asked his colleagues to make way for it by even stopping the President’s convoy for the ambulance to pass. Soon after the incident Mr.Nijalingappa has been lauded with praises and has won hearts of millions. Later the Bengaluru police has also rewarded him for what he has done.

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This might look as a normal event to make way for ambulances, but in India context it is HUGE to stop the convoy of any politician. Police men job in India is not an easy one. Though the duty of the policemen is to help people and solve people problems which they do but there are times when they find themselves very difficult  when dealing with VIPs. How many times have we seen policemen and women being hauled up for not giving preferential treatment to a bureaucrat or politician and the incident being caught on camera . Mr.Nijalingappa has set an example today that duty comes first than anything else. We need more police men like Nijalingappa  who is bold enough to take such a decision .

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Mr.Nijalingappa has also been appreciated by Praveen Sood, the Commissioner of Police, who  tweeted, “The policeman who took such initiative to be rewarded. Well done!”


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