A poppable pimple cake is just what you need to kill your appetite

Written by Neha Monga
October 11, 2017  

Each time a pimple pops up on our face, we stand in front of the mirror for hours, despising the tiny monster, before finally popping it out.

Cakescape, a bakery in Malaysia, takes its inspiration from many of these pimple poppers. The bakery specialises in making magical cakes decorated with faces. Faces with several zits on it.

And if that was not enough the realistic looking pimples can actually be squeezed and a blob of rich buttercream resembling pus pops out.

Unsurprisingly, the gross pimple cake is actually starting to catch on. The Cakescape told Mashable that it has already sold about 20 of these cakes in the past year, and that more and more orders are coming in.

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The bakery also added that these cakes are mostly ordered by people for the shock factor and make a great addition to bachelorette parties.

Each custom cake is decorated with a number of squeezable spots, so people can satisfy their pimple popping urges before they enjoy a delicious treat.

Once the spots are popped, you can go ahead and eat them. What a bliss!

"Shock factor," indeed.

Pimple popping craze was made popular by Dr. Pimple Popper (Aka Dr. Sandra Lee).  Last summer, she shared very realistic-looking pimple cupcakes, complete with flesh-coloured fondant and lemon curd puss. Seems like the pimple popping food trend is here to stay.


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