Police Arrested a Man After doing Something Which Most Of Us Do in Mc Donald’s.

Written by Prince Chandran
October 12, 2017  

Yes we all have done it, just agree to it, atleast once we have filled up our water cup with a fizzy drink.

The water cup was free, wasn’t it? But the Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite is all £1.50 or something upsetting.

Cody Morris  was arrested after allegedly pulling off a fizzy robbery of his own. He was with two friends at a Drive-Thru in Springdale, Arkansas US, and it all kicked-off.

Cody and his friends ordered three large  cups of water. After they parked the car they went inside to fill the cup with soft drinks.

The three were caught. Two of his friends agreed to return the soft drink but Cody had other plans in his mind which led the manager calling the police to report a robbery.

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Mc Donalds Serving


After calling the police, the manager went to the parking lot and stood behind Cody’s car to stop him from leaving. But Cody reversed the car and hit the Mc Donald manager. The manager tried to get the keys out of the ignition and was hit on the hand.

Police later found the car at a nearby bowling alley and arrested Mr Morris.

He has been charged with one count of felony robbery and is due to appear in court on Friday.


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