Players were asked to change underwear at Wimbledon since it is not white.

Written by Prince Chandran
July 14, 2017  

Wimbledon is one of the oldest Tennis tournaments in the world and regarded as  the most prestigious . There are many rules for the game but the most outdated is about the players clothing. Not the part that insists they should wear almost entirely white attire.But rather the one that refers to the color of their underwear .

First player for this Wimbledon is none other than Venus Williams who was asked to change her pink bra after the first round of the play.When asked by the media she responded as “I don’t like talking about bras in press conference,it’s weird”.

Boys doubles top players Hungary’s Zsombor Piros and China’s Wu Yibing. were asked to change their non white white underwear on Wednesday. The boys were checked by the umpire during the match and was given a pair to change .

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On Wednesday, four junior doubles players were also asked to change their underwear because it was visible and the following day 18 year old Austrian Jurij Rodionov was asked to show his underwear by supervisor.Speaking to media he said that ” Yesterday i wore a black pants and nobody said anything and today I wore blue and suddenly it’s a problem. It was a big surprise for me,” He said Wimbledon provided him with two white pairs,”one was a little too big but these ones were OK” When asked if the rule was outdated,he said “Wimbledon is always special.Maybe it’s a little bit too much but I like that the players have to wear only white.It’s tradition”.

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