Pilot’s mid-air selfies look terrifying and as it turns out, they are FAKE

Written by Neha Monga
September 08, 2017  

A Brazilian pilot has been sharing some truly beautiful images of his jet setting life for the past two years.

However, the latest image shared by the pilot, a mid-air selfie, has sparked huge debate over whether the image is real or fake.

Instagram user Pilotganso shared an unbelievable picture of himself cruising high above the instantly recognisable Palm Islands in Dubai with his 44,000 followers last month.

He captioned the picture as: ‘It’s already my second hometown #dubai selfie.’

Going under the Instagram name of Pilotganso, the pilot shared a hilarious picture of himself cruising high above the instantly recognisable Palm Islands in Dubai

While most of the users were quickly able to determine the picture was fake, there were other no so observant users who thought these were real pics.

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The pilot’s Instagram feed is jam-packed with similar shots. Like this one which has left us wondering who was the super human sitting on the nose of the plane to take this picture.

This rightfully unbelievable picture depicts him soaring high above New York while poking his head out of the window and giving the camera a thumbs up

Most of the pilot’s previous photos have come with disclaimers which explain that the pilot has been photoshopping his incredible pictures.

“Photoshop mode ON⚠️”, he wrote below the photo over NYC, while he added, “I have to let you know that photo is fake guys, just in case” to another.

But this photo looked alarmingly like the real deal. However, one of the aviation expert was quick to point out: “Ship ascending northbound from nowhere. Direction of shade not matching those of houses. Winglet color (inward) not matching Fly Dubai scheme. Definitively a fake.”

While many users have criticised the photoshopped photos, we don’t see any harm in a guy showing off his photoshop skills.


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