Patient plays guitar during brain surgery to remove heart shaped tumor

Written by Neha Monga
August 21, 2017  

Rolden Batista, 40, serenaded surgeons with his guitar while they performed a brain surgery to remove a heart shaped tumor.

Last year after suffering a series of seizures, Batista, a communications engineer from Santos, headed to his local hospital for tests. It was then that x-ray scans revealed that he had a heart shaped growth.

Speaking to local media, he said, “I was told that I had to undergo a surgery and there were two methods. One totally sedated or, two, to wake me up during surgery. But because the second option had a much greater chance of success, he decided to choose that.”

“The doctor then came up with the idea of making me play guitar in the middle of the operation.” Batista added.

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Surgeons explained how it was the quickest way to discover if they had made an error during the procedure.

For if he was unable to recite the song, it would have given them a chance to remap the area of his brain that control movement, speech and senses before it was too late.

Batista also surprised his wife by calling her in the middle of the operation to tell her that he felt like a ‘warrior’.

Earlier this year, we did a similar story where a musician from Bangalore, India, was asked to play his guitar while the neurosurgeons performed the complex procedure to cure the problem that obstructed his ability to play guitar.

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