Passenger Films UFO Following The Flight And Suddenly Dipped Out Of View Over Britan.

Written by Prince Chandran
December 13, 2017  

An airline passenger filmed what appears to be a UFO in the high skies of Britan and suddenly dipping out of view.



In the video it tracks the plane journey above the clouds when the object what appears to be a big inflated plastic bag appears in the distance.





We never know whether the flying object was edited by somebody or a real UFO sighting. But people believe it to be true because of many UFO sighting across Britan.
Eerie Lights was seen hovering over Britan last week, resembles to a flying saucer, prompting locals to say that it must be aliens or Santa Claus hovering over Sky before the Christmas Eve.

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Kent is a popular destination for UFO according to Kent Unidentified Flying Object research group who claim that the west and east coast of the Kent is major UFO areas.

Recently in February, Kent made it to the headlines when a group of six mysterious lights were hovering in the sky for half an hour over Hythe and Folkestone.



The Ministry of defense denied these facts of UFO sightings over Kent. The military runs many training ranges near by and denied any involvement with the airborne sightings.


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