December 07, 2017

Parents Are Posting Their Hilariously Epic Fails And We Can’t Stop Laughing

by Neha Monga

Whoever said parenting was an easy task, simply didn’t raise a child, or two, themselves. And the ones who have, have endless stories to prove what a difficult task it is. Despite our best efforts and intentions, we all make mistakes but only few of us capture those silly yet hilarious mistakes.

We have compiled a list of the most epic fails which are sure to bring a smile on your face, whether you are a parent or not. So let’s take a look:

1. Don’t worry, dad will fix this.

Funny parenting fails

2. When the nature calls.

Funny parenting failsSource: Phiyeh

3. That was just an innocent mistake.

Funny parenting failsSource: WakaFlockhar

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4. When the sunflower seeds find their way back in the car.

Funny parenting failsSource: MiaSimper101

5. When the son builds Lego Bars with dad and his drunk friends.

Funny parenting failsSource: Smarshyboy

6. When the lemur finds your baby too cute.

Funny parenting failsSource: Musicats78

7. This is what happens when dads babysit the child.

Funny parenting fails

8. Nine hour flight to Budapest, oh that’s easy peasy.

Funny parenting failsSource: kristinsday

9. They hoped for a beautiful family picture.

Funny parenting failsSource: lizhansenphoto

10. This new dad wasted no time in committing the first of many parenting fails.

Funny parenting failsSource: flakman

11. Incorrect calculations.

Funny parenting fails

12. When you need to put the child to sleep.

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Funny parenting failsSource: gmlgp9868

13. Mixing pyjama day with picture day is not cool.

Funny parenting failsSource: KillerKenyan

14. No words.

Funny parenting failsSource: The Best Fails

15. These parents were too tired to read.

Funny parenting failsSource: cheekyjenng



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