More Than One Million Downloads For Fake WhatsApp Android App.

Written by Prince Chandran
November 06, 2017  

Fake WhatsApp application in the Google Play Store gets more than 1 million downloads which was pretending to be WhatsApp.

This App was called ‘Whats App Update’ and is still on Play store. Although the developer has changed the name of the app now.

Before the change of the name it was almost the same and the logo of the app was also very similar to the original WhatsApp that is what tricked many users to download the fake app thinking it be some update to the popular messaging app according to the people reviewed it on the Play Store and the Reddit user’s who flagged the malicious app.

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Don’t be surprised as this is not the first time Android users have been deceived by fake, malicious app. Google Play Store has long been mired by these kind of apps. But based on the number of downloads, this fake WhatsApp app is one of the most successful ever.



The dummy app’s developer is apparently unknown, but the culprit later changed the name of the app to “Dual Whatsweb Update,” and removed the “WhatsApp Inc.” developer title. It has since been removed from Google Play.

“I can confirm that the app was removed from Google Play and the developer account was suspended for violating our program policies,” a Google spokesperson told.

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The main intent of the developer was to just  create revenue for the developer by posting ads, the same tactic could have been used to steal personal data from the more than one million people who signed up for the app.

The are still many fake app’s in the Google Play Store. You have fake app of the Temple Run and even Facebook. It is always going to be a cat and mouse game between the good guys and the bad guys.


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